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Guinea Fowl Feathers

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Guinea Fowl Feathers


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Guinea Fowl Feathers

Length: Medium size - Pack of 40 feathers

Guinea fowl feathersWe are selling a pack of 40 Medium feathers that rage in size from 6 - 10cm in size.

Guinea fowlGuinea fowl feathers have been widely used in decorative crafts and jewelry and have the distinctive white spotted circular colour patter on a brown to black feather. The Guinea fowl is found in abundance in Africa and is favored by local for their meat

Guinea fowl, sometimes called pintades or gleanies, are a family of birds originating from Africa, related to other game birds such as the pheasants, turkeys and partridges; they have a long history of domestication, mainlyinvolving the helmeted guinea fowl.

The guinea fowl is a large wild bird that is natively found inhabiting a variety of habitats across the African continent. Today, the guinea fowl has been introduced to various countries around the world as it is farmed by humans.
The guinea fowl is a ground-nesting bird and spends much of its time scratching around on the ground in search for something to eat. The guinea fowl often has long, dark coloured feathers and a bald neck and head which makes the guinea fowl a very distinctive bird.

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Guinea Fowl Feathers