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African Fang figures

African wooden Fang Figures
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African Fang Figure


Region: Congo

Material: Wood

Size: 30cm (H)

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African Fang figures

Size: 48cm (H)

The Fang peoples of the Republic of Gabon derive a sense of continuity with their past as well as a communal cohesiveness in the present through an ancestral cult known as reliquary figures, such as the one seen here, embody the qualities that the Fang admire most in people?namely, tranquility, vitality, and the ability to hold opposites in balance. These qualities are conveyed in these figures through the juxtaposition of an infant's large head with the developed body of an adult, and the contrast of a static, symmetrical pose and passive, expressionless face with the tension of bulging muscles on the arms and legs. Bieri figures are often embellished with elaborate coiffures, facial scarification, jewelry, horns, and other emblems of spiritual power.

Called Bieri, these figures were guardians of the enshrined relics of important ancestors. Sitting on top of the containers, they were also consulted for aid and protection. They are notable for their child-like proportions contrasted with a muscular, poised vigilance.

The Fang live in Cameroon and Gabon. Cameroon Fang figures typically exhibit the duality of the upper and lower body with the upper rectilinear and the lower curvilinear.

We only have stock of one of each of the Fang figures below.

Should you be looking for other style carvings please see the items on our main African figures webpage.

Other styles available

African Wooden Fang Figure
African Fang mask


Region: Congo

Material: Wood

Size: 34cm (H)

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