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African Zulu mask

African Zulu mask
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African Fertility Zulu Mask


Region: South Africa

Material: Wood

Size: 45cm (H)

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African Zulu mask

Size: 45cm (H) - Mask above

An African hand carved wooden fertility mask that is carved and stained to the colors of light and dark brown. The mask which is 45 cm all originates from KwaZulu Natal in South Africa and has been carved by genuine Zulu tribesmen.

This mask is said to have mystical powers and will protect the women of the house when pregnant and giving birth. Zulu culture is steeped in traditions and myths about different ancestral beings, all of which are taken very seriously by local Zulu tribesmen and women.

Each mask is an "original" work of art, individually hand carved, no two are exactly alike which adds to the value of each piece. The original nature of tribal art will be reflected by variances from the mask as shown, each piece of a specific style is similar, but not identical.

Below we have a selection of other long Fang masks carved in the same style as above but with different colours, patterns and colours on the Fang mask. Click on the image for a larger view.

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African Zulu / Swazi Mask
African Zulu-Swazi mask


Region: South Africa / Swaziland

Material: Wood

Size: 30cm (H)

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