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African Blue Wildebeest skull on shield

African Blue Wildebeest skull on shield
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Blue Wildebeest Horn Skull - mounted


Region: South Africa

Material: Horn / skull

Size: 55cm X 40cm (H x W)

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African Blue Wildebeest skull on shield

Size: 55cm X 40cm (H x W)

An African Blue Wildebeest skull/horn set that has been treated,bleached and cleaned, ready for export. The Blue Wildebeest skull is A grade quality Blue Wildebeest skull that has been set onto a wooden shield or backboard for easy hanging.

All Blue Wildebeest skulls require permits for export purposes. The price of the permit is included in the shipping cost.

All sizes listed are approximate. The Wildebeest skull you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or pattern from the Wildebeest skull shown in the picture because of the nature African animal skull each skull is unique.

We are registered with KZN Wildlife in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa who are our local conservation authorities in our area, we obtain any documentation needed from them for any items that is needed for your country. You can feel assured that you have bought from a legal, registered trader.

Because of the nature of this type of products the pictures on this page are not the actual item you will receive The product will be similar with slight differences in size, look or color.

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Facts about this animal

The Blue Wildebeest, also called a Gnu, is an ungulate mammal found in Southern Kenya, South Angola to north south Africa. Wildebeest are one of the most abundant large mammals in Africa and there is thought to be around 1 million migratory individuals in the Serengeti alone forming the greatest concentration of wild grazing animals on Earth.

Wildebeest measure around 1.5 meters (5 feet) at shoulder height and weigh between 118 – 275 kilograms (260 – 600 pounds). They have large heads with a cow-like face, a shaggy mane and a pointed beard. Their sharp, curved horns measure up to 1 meter across. Both male and female have horns. The front part of their body is heavily built and they have slender hinds quarters and thin legs. They have a tail which measures 40 – 50 centimeters long.

The wildebeest is one of the few African antelopes to have extended its range in the last 50 years. They numbered about 250,000 in 1960 and are thought to number 1.5 million today.
Wildebeest, or gnus, (pronounced 'news'), are noisy. They constantly emit low moans and if disturbed, snort explosively.

During mating season, breeding groups composed of around 150 animals will be created. These groups are further divided in several smaller groups, where the most dominant male performs different kind of antics to impress the females.

Male wildebeest are also known as "clowns of savanna" because of the weird behavior during mating season.
Males also attract females by rubbing a scent (produced in the preorbital and inter-digital gland) into the ground. They will urinate and defecate to mark their breeding territory and to keep other males away.


Scientific classification

  • Swahili Name: Nyumbu Ya Montu
  • Scientific Name: Connochaetes taurinus
  • Size: 50 to 58 inches at the shoulder
  • Weight: 265 to 600 pounds
  • Lifespan: 20 years
  • Habitat: Open woodland and open grassy plains
  • Diet: Grazers
  • Gestation: 8 to 81/2 months
  • Predators: Lions, cheetahs, hunting dogs, hyenas

Conservation status: Least concern / abundant

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