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African Ndebele maiden doll

African Ndebele maiden doll
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Ndebele Maiden Doll Fridge Magnets

From $48-00

Region: South Africa

Material: Beads/cloth

Size: 25cm - 50cm (H)

$48-00 -size SML (25cm)

$99-00 -size LGE (50cm)

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African Ndebele maiden doll

Size: small 25cm, large 50cm (L)

Pronounced: In- De-Ba-lee

This is a maiden Ndebele beaded doll handcrafted in South Africa by Ndebele woman.

This Maiden Ndebele doll has an apron on the doll that signifies that the young female has undergone puberty rites and can now be married. Colorful beaded hoops around the waist would indicted that she can now engaged to be married.

The maiden doll adorns the same gold rings around her neck as the other Ndebele dolls but does not have the blanket that the Initiation dolls have.

If you are looking for another style of Ndebele doll please return to our main beadwork web page to see if there is an Ndebele doll to suite your needs. All Ndebele dolls are handcrafted so patterns , colors and sizes will vary slightly from one doll to the next.

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