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African Zulu mini drum

African Zulu mini drum
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African Swazi i/ Zulu Drum


Region: South Africa / Swaziland

Material: Wood / Animal hide

Size: 16cm (H)

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African Zulu mini drum

Size: 16cm (H)- Drum above

This African Zulu drum has been handcrafted out of local thorn tree wood. The Zulu drum although smaller in size than the Zulu tribal drum is still played by the Zulu tribesmen and woman during their traditional ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. The Zulu drum has either a goat skin or cow skin leather head that is 15 - 18 cm in diameter.Zulu drum

Zulu drumsThe wooden base of the drum is smooth polished and painted in earth tone colors of rich browns and then traditional tribal patterns are carved into the wood to make the drum symbolic to the Zulu tribesmen that carved the Zulu drum. The drum although small is loud on sound and can be played with both high and low tones.

Each Zulu drum is an "original" work of art, individually hand carved, no two are exactly alike which adds to the value of each piece. The original nature of tribal art will be reflected by variances from the drum as shown, each piece of a specific style is similar, but not identical.

To view the description of the African drum click on the image above.

A true African work of art.

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African Zulu /Swazi drums small

Small African Zulu /Swazi drums

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