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Tikar Bamun or Cameroon Pygmy figure

Tikar Bamun or Cameroon Pygmy figure
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Tikar Bamun OR Cameroon Pygmy


Region: Cameroon

Material: Wood/Clay

Size: 20cm (H)

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Tikar Bamun or Cameroon Pygmy figure

Size: 20cm (H)African Cameroon Pygmy

Self standing hand crafted terra cotta clay standing figure from the Bamun or Cameroon area of Africa has been produced by the Tikar peoples of Cameroon. The people of the Cameroon region are noted for their high level of artistry, and as with their neighbors, the Bamum/Bamun Bamileke, the Tikar excel with their imaginative conceptual sculptures.

Representing Pygmies of the forest, the Tikar believe that these statues possess mystical spirits and powers, use them for protection, and to benefit their harvests. With their susceptibility to breakage, the figures are becoming increasingly rare difficult to find.

A complex, and detailed piece, the figure here is standing with hands on belly ,Classic bulbous features characterize this wild whimsical sculpture The face, torso, limbs are impressed with multiple scarification patterns.

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